Liberia’s first recycling center

Every single day when I was dealing with my daily routines, one part of my brain is always working for ‘ how to make this world a better living place ‘ Being a volunteer in many areas changed my perspective and I now can not stop thinking other people who have less opportunities socially and economically.  When I heard a success story from Africa , it makes me feels so great. Now,  I want to share this story with you :

James’ biggest hope is to empower the people in his community. One way he is doing that is by running a recycling an compost center in Monrovia, Liberia. He provides jobs with a purpose – and helps keep the city cleaner.

                                                                          Liberia’s first waste segregation and recycling center

James in the warehouse of the Green Center with sacks of plastic, cans and scrap metal ready for recycling

  James and his workers make compost out of the leftover food from the market women

         James weighs a bag of scrap metal to determine how much to pay the customer

How different are young people today?

Actually, this article is a bit far away from what I aimed to share in this blog, but I couldnt stop myself to share it with you. Nowadays, I focus on youth marketing and trends. So lets see how youth has changed since 60s.

1959 — The GOOD American Teen-Agers

1959_The GOOD American Teen-Agers

“Good,” in case you’re playing along at home, apparently means preppy, sweatered and white.

1966 — The Teenagers: A Survey of What They’re Really Like

1966 Teenagers: What they're really like

I haven’t read the cover story, but one has to assume it’s littered with phrases like “behind closed doors.”

1980 — Teen Age Sex: The New Morality Hits Home

1980_Teen Age Sex_New Morality Hits Home

1999 — Tweens: Are They Growing Up Too Fast?

1999_Tweens_Are they growing up too fast?

2009 — Is Your Baby Racist?

Newsweek_Is Your Baby Racist?