The Most Exact Web Clock Ever!



How exact your clock is it? If you doubt, here, there is a beautiful web clock for you:

– It is the most exact clock on the World Wide Web, with an unmatched accuracy down to ±0.005 seconds

– shows the correct time even if your computer’s clock doesn’t

– It has the time for 7 million locations

– Translated into 42 languages, including Chinese, Arabian and Esperanto and more on.

– The calendar tells you how many days there are between selected days

– The meeting planner makes it easy to keep in touch with the ones you care about in other time zones has already been featured on Lifehacker, Mashable, Hacker News and several other sites. timeis

Make a Wish in Leap Second 2012!

On June 30 2012 at 23:59:60 UTC a leap second will make the day one second longer. The leap second is inserted between 23:59:59 and 00:00:00 UTC to compensate for variations in the rotation of the Earth.

Most clocks will just ignore the leap second, but will count all the way up to 60 seconds!

The leap second does not occur on June 30 everywhere! The date and time depends on your time zone. In Trabzon the leap second will occur at 02:59:60 1 Temmuz 2012, Pazar. To check other locations, use the search box above.

Remember to set your clock one second back after the leap second!

I believe this motto or I want to believe in this, this is a given extra second! So I ll make a wish for a better world, please share this !

Daylight Saving Time: The Only Clock You’ll Need

Tonight, people who are living in Europe continental will change to DST. Daylight Saving Time can make waking up the morning after “springing forward” or “falling back” the most confusing times of the year. Fortunately, the Internet is now home to an absurdly accurate clock that can instantly put any confusion to rest. tells you whether your computer clock is fast or slow — down to ±5 millisecond. slogan is also so simple and so effective :  ‘ – exact time, any time zone ‘

Though boasts about being the world’s most accurate web clock, before its latest upgrade, it had been thrown off by as much as 300 milliseconds because of network latency. Now, the site’s accuracy has been significantly improved by using your current location to compensate for the minimum latency of your connection, giving it almost-perfect accuracy.

Advanced users can take advantage of’s calendar, favorite locations and find the time difference between two locations. The clock is truly global with 7 millon location database  — you can adjust the first day of the week (Saturday, Sunday or Monday), the date format and the time format.

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Free Clock Widgets


  Want an exact clock on your own web site? Or today’s date, sunrise time, sunset   time or day length? Just choose from the options below and copy the code!

 It’s free!

Now you can have on your website! Try below free clock widget: