The world’s most expensive cup of Starbucks coffee


Coffee is wonderful. Really, it’s the fuel that powers much of America. And better yet, most cups of coffee are reasonably priced — just $1 from a Manhattan coffee cart, and perhaps $2 to $5 if you get a fancy drink from some high-end java joint. But the saucy customer in the video above decided to go absolutely bananas by ordering a Starbucks beverage that cost $47.30. Continue reading:





Starbucks Revive Augmented Reality Campaign With Valentine’s Special

After the success of their last augmented reality (AR) campaign during the Christmas period, Starbucks know a thing or two about creating involving mobile campaigns. The brand are repeating their previous efforts by introducing a special Valentine’s Day campaign for iPhone and Android users. Across their U.S. outlets, limited edition Valentine’s Day themed cup will be available for users to scan.

After they download the Cup Magic app (if they haven’t already), users can scan the special cup and send a message to any of their loved ones. When you send the message, the cup comes to life and the hearts scatter, sending your message to your chosen recipient. Alongside the message, you can also send them a Starbucks Card eGift so that they can purchase something in-store.

It’s a simple idea that taps into the fun of using AR without being complex or flashy. This is bound to be lapped up by the enthusiastic fanbase Starbucks already has, and is bound to put a smile on the faces of those receiving the message.

Starbucks is worldwide leader in mobile payment transactions: exec

Starbucks’ mobile payment app is helping drive more frequent purchases and contributing to the company’s revenue growth, a company executive revealed during its first-quarter earnings call.

A Starbucks executive pointed to the important role that mobile payments plays for the company in a recent conference call with analysts to discuss its financial results for the first quarter of 2012. During the call, the executive said offering mobile payments is a competitive advantage that is helping to drive revenue increases for the company.

“We are the number one company not in the U.S. but in the world in terms of mobile payment, transactions and dollars,” said Howard Schultz, president and CEO of Starbucks, Seattle, WA, during the conference call.

“The macro issues that are facing many companies, we have been able to turn into a competitive advantage with regard to value, social digital media and mobile payment,” he said.