We Need a Mobile Strategy

At the beginning of my career, I had the chance working with ‘ strategy consultants ‘. Setting strategies and business goals are one the key compenents of  companies.  When it comes to telecommunications and mobile , it is also same.  No surprise that mobile is one of the top focus areas in 2012 marketing plans.  Cannes even announced a new mobile category.

“As mobile becomes a key conduit through which people connect with each other and the world — from managing calendars, finances and social networks to navigating online, on the road and on the path to purchase — many are still treating it as ancillary to their marketing efforts.  While the technical requirements of mobile force it into the realm of a specialist expertise, the key to winning lies in realizing that mobile actually represents the confluence of four key marketing disciplines: social media, shopper marketing, promotion and CRM.”

The potential of mobile is not only integral to marketing, it is integral to operations, merchandising, and other business functions.

That level of integration holds incredible promise, but also incredible complexity.