Living in a Mobile World (Infographic)


With the vast growth of Mobile Technologies, the use of Smartphone’s are rapidly growing, which is providing new opportunities for marketers to connect and engage with target audiences, create user experiences, and ultimately build a base of connected and loyal customers.

In the U.S., nearly 90 percent of the population has a mobile phone, and the number is still growing. High levels of mobile adoption present an ideal opportunity for companies to build mobile marketing strategies to reach highly targeted audiences using apps, mobile coupons, QR codes, text messages, mobile websites, and geo-tracking services.


Express drives app downloads, social media via QR codes


Clothing retailer Express is using in-store QR codes to increase its application downloads and bolster its social media following.The mobile bar codes are being placed in store windows in New York. The QR codes lead users to a mobile landing page to learn more about the retailer’s mobile services.

Mobile download

The QR code decals are being placed on the windows of the store with a call to action above that reads, “Download the app.”Users who scan the QR code are taken to a mobile-optimized page that shows a look from the retailer’s current collection.

Here is the optimized page that users are taken to after scanning the QR code

Consumers who tap on the picture are taken to Express’ Facebook page to view pictures from a recent event in Nashville that the retailer participated in. Users can also “like” the Express page.

Below the picture is a mobile call-to-action with links to Express’ app for iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices.

Once users tap on the links, they are taken directly to the device’s app store where they can download the Express mobile app.

Here is a picture of the Express QR codes on the outside of the store

Consumers who download the Express app can shop the collection, view style tips and receive geotargeted deals.

The retailer’s emphasis on social media is also clear from the app, which heavily promotes links to Express’ Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Infographic: QR Code Art by JESS3

We have been using QR codes in almost same format in our daily life , but JESS3set out to create some concept art for QR codes, above and beyond the standard blue squares and occasional embedded logo!

Hopefully this will give everyone a little extra inspiration before the next time you talk QR codes! From simple to inspirational and even entirely abstract.

Heineken Turn People Into QR Codes With Brilliant Marketing Campaign


QR codes have been getting a good bit of flak recently as a fad that are mostly used by brands and marketers but ignored by consumers. There have been some pretty silly uses but this latest campaign from Heineken is actually a very smart and social way for them to be used at a music festival. The idea is that everybody attending can have their own QR code printed and stuck to them which when scanned gives information about them and what they like doing. A bit like their social media profile but in the real world. As they say in the video music festivals are all about meeting new people and the QR codes were a way for shy people to do this without others thinking that they were freaks although it does involve holdingout your phone and physically scanning somebody. While it is a smart idea in terms of breaking the ice it works even better for Heineken as a brand as it turns festival goers in to walking billboards for the company.