How To Get More Likes On Facebook

There are many stuff already about how to get more likes and followers. It has been discussing by industry leader since the raise of socail media. As a rule, the main question that tends to crop up is ‘how do I get more likes/followers?’ To be fair, its a valid question as more followers means more people get to see your messages which means more popularity for your business.

But the problem is that social media isn’t about how many fans you have, but how you interact with them, a point that is sadly missed by those resorting to desperate measures, all in the name of an extra fan.



Will You Pay For More Twitter Followers?

 Even though most people won’t admit it they all obsess about how many Twitter followers they have. “Only 3 more followers and I get to 1000″ and similar tweets appear on a fairly frequent basis in my timeline. Brands and businesses are no different expect that they have slightly more resources and can throw money at the cause through competitions, innovative campaigns and by using it as a customer service tool. Of course Twitter shouldn’t be all about the followers with the level of engagement being far more important but that hasn’t stopped people trying to jockey the system with scripts over the years. All that is about to change though with Twitter announcing their own self service platform this week which means that brands, businesses and individuals will be able to effectively buy Twitter followers. It will be Twitter’s Facebook like button moment and they’ll start raking the cash in over the next year.

For arguments sake lets say the followers cost $1 each. Lets also assume that there is some pretty smart targeting in there meaning the people I target my ads are relevant by geography and perhaps even by topic. Paying $10,000 could get you a huge amount of new people following you. It’s nearly impossible to engage with that amount of new people personally but if you were a brand and they followed you and you followed that up with good strong engaging content that was retweeted and shared that could be like marketing gold. Some brands have been on Twitter for years and have thousands of followers but some haven’t even started yet so this new ad tool could help them get to the races very quickly indeed.

There are some rumors in Turkey, that some famous pop stars pay for more twitter followers. With the digital age, people changed  their beahviors  when they consume media, socialize and mobilize. Passive consumer has transformed into active influencer, thats why companies changed and shifted their media consumption from traditional media to digital media. Now, singer not only compete how many bands they sold so far, they also become a part of competiton of social medias. The more followers, fans they have, they view theirself the more adorable and superstar. Is it a balloon, what if they will unlike or unfollow their ‘superstars’ one day.