LG’s Flexible E-Paper Display

When I was working for handset management department of one of the leading GSM operator in Turkey, I had the chance to experience the mock ups and the brand new models of the mobile devices, tablets and PCs. Among this roadmap meetings of different mobile vendors, LG takes the uppest places in which they innovate and apply new high- tech solutions in terms of screen  and display features.  So, I am not very surprised with this news.

LG has announced it has started mass production of its electronic paper display (EPD) product, with a planned launch in Europe next month.

LG’s EPD is a 6-inch, 1024×768 e-ink plastic screen. It’s 0.7mm thick, it weighs 14g, and LG claims it’s resistant to scratches and drops from a 1.5 meter height.

Of course, its biggest claim to fame is its flexibility: LG claims the screen allows bending at a range of 40 degrees from its center.

“With the world’s first plastic EPD, LG Display has once again proven its reputation for leadership and innovation with a product we believe will help greatly popularize the E-Book market,” said Sang Duck Yeo, Head of Operations for LG Display’s Mobile/OLED division.

There is no word on a US release, but LG says the EPD will first be supplied to ODM companies in China, with completed products hitting European shores at the beginning of April.