YouTube Boss Salar Kamangar: The Full Dive Into Media

Technology is changing. If your brand is part of it, it is obvious that it changes with it. Social networking is the important part of our lives which million of people share the content they like to others. Social media is a part of social web with the main focus of interaction of the information, creation of networks, maintanence of relationships, colloboration and communication.

Video sharing takes big percantage of this new digital age. Around 800 million people visit YouTube every month, and they watch and upload a staggering amount of video there every day. It works really, really well.

YouTube head Salar Kamangar has a bunch of answers for this question, but eventually you can get to the one that really matters:

 He thinks that making the site look more like traditional TV will convince marketers to pay traditional TV ad rates.

He explained the concept at D: Dive Into Media last month: “If you see a dog on a skateboard video, the CPMs, the cost per thousand impressions, are about $2. Now, if you package that as part of a dog lover’s channel or a skateboarding interest channel, that same video can command a $20 CPM.”

YouTube is going to depend on advertising for most of its revenue, but Kamangar also discussed YouTube’s interest in offering subscription services down the road. Given that Kamangar, Google’s ninth employee, oversees all of the company’s video efforts, that’s worth keeping in mind as it edges closer to selling cable TV.