Dream Big… Then do it!

Have a nice sunday to everybody. I’d like to share some good news recently about my blogging adventure. I was previously selected to be official blogger of Market Research Mobile World Asia 2013. I shared it in my about page. I now would like to share that I am approved to be a TEDxYouthDay Reporter and the official reporter for TEDx during this year’s TEDxYouthDay. This is a volunteering task which helps to make TEDxYouthDay 2012 a success! Being a TEDxYouthDay will allow me to share my stories with TEDx’ers around the world and learn more about my community as well as communities across the globe. This is absolutely new era for me and for my blogging experience. I was here one voice to share every cool tech, marketing, digital things with you. I will from now share more and more about change, design and start-ups, seed funding. So, keep track my posts, share it with your friends and your community if you like to. You can also follow me on Twitter @Technostrategy

Last thing but not end. You can register local Youth Day event would you like to attend (or watch live on the Internet). You can find a list of TEDxYouthDay events here: http://tedxyouthday.ted.com/events/

The theme is so inspiring : Dream Big… Then do it! At TEDxYouthDay events around the world, speakers and performers share their great ideas with audiences of youth. November 17-28, 2012.

Understand the New Facebook Changes to Brand Pages

Just when you thought you had a handle on using Facebook for your business they introduce a change. Last week they introduced the Timeline feature for brand pages. The good news is you have some time. You can change your brand page to the new format when you are ready, it just has to be done by March 31, 2012

Many businesses don’t understand how this affects them, so I’m here to share with you an overview of the changes that will affect your brand page. It is clear in reviewing the changes that  Facebook has implemented they are stressing the importance of engagement with your page followers. You have to remember that just like your business, Facebook has an obligation to their users as well. The obligation Facebook has is to provide users with information that is relevant and interesting. To the users of Facebook this information centers around who they are connected to – friends, family and associates.

  Learn more and take time to understand the new Facebook changes to brand pages and how it impacts your businesses.