How The Making of Huawei Pegasus in MWC 2012


Huawei is amazing company, as I am ex  colleague of this huge Chinese telecomunication company. Each time, I was amazed by the dedicated staff who feel full passion to their duties and growth of the company. As they get results soon, they became the number one in many field of telecommunication sector today.

China No1 Telecommunication Product provider Huawei Inc. just released 4 brand new smart phones in MWC 2012 (Mobile World Congress 2012).

There is a Pegasus sculpture outside the MWC venue in Barcelona. Huawei think the Pegasus is a symbol of their rapid cellphone’s growth obviously. 

The Pegasus was sculpted out of 3500 Huawei handsets and supporting rods. It was sculpted by “Machine Shop” company in London: “Standing at 5.7 meters tall and made of 3,500 smartphones, the Huawei Pegasus took 720 man hours to build.”

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