The Changing Role of the CIO

The Changing Role of the CIO infographic from Wikibon explores the varying roles of the CIO. The prominence of the CIO position has risen greatly as information technology has become an increasingly important aspect of the modern organization.  The amount of information that companies ahve to deal with and make sense of is only going to continue to increase.

CIOs today have a top operational and strategic priority (not technology priority) to support the mission of the business through the application of technology. While they are under pressure to reduce costs, CIOs must deliver agility and efficiency to the organization. The CIO is also VERY concerned about risk. CIOs don’t want to disrupt what’s working while chasing new opportunities.

Think of the CIO as managing a portfolio of applications, technologies, people and processes. The technology portfolio is allocated to initiatives that are designed to 1) Run the business 2) Grow the business and 3) Transform the business.

 Like a good portfolio manager, the CIO must balance risk and reward by allocating resources in a balanced manner. The degree of risk is a function of the objectives of the board of directors and the strategic plan and operating plans of the companies.






Cadbury Celebrates a Million Facebook Fans with 3 Tonne Chocolate Thumbs Up

Brands may not know what to do with their Facebook fans once they get them, but they are coming up with more interesting ways of celebrating the milestone.

To celebrate the one millionLike’ mark, Cadbury live streamed the construction of a gigantic 3 tonne (or 6,600 pounds)’thumbs up’ statue from thousands of blocks of their signature Dairy Milk bars. The intricate ‘Thanks a Million’ thumbs-up construction was completed by a team of eager purple-clad Oompa Loompas.

To complete the construction Cadbury invited Denise, a superfan to place the final square on top. After the party the chocolate was donated to a company specializing in the research of alternate fuels. I’m wondering in the chocolate will be used to create that fuel or a special treat for the hungry researchers.

The ‘Thanks a Million’ campaign was created by London agency Hypernaked.

Will You Pay For More Twitter Followers?

 Even though most people won’t admit it they all obsess about how many Twitter followers they have. “Only 3 more followers and I get to 1000″ and similar tweets appear on a fairly frequent basis in my timeline. Brands and businesses are no different expect that they have slightly more resources and can throw money at the cause through competitions, innovative campaigns and by using it as a customer service tool. Of course Twitter shouldn’t be all about the followers with the level of engagement being far more important but that hasn’t stopped people trying to jockey the system with scripts over the years. All that is about to change though with Twitter announcing their own self service platform this week which means that brands, businesses and individuals will be able to effectively buy Twitter followers. It will be Twitter’s Facebook like button moment and they’ll start raking the cash in over the next year.

For arguments sake lets say the followers cost $1 each. Lets also assume that there is some pretty smart targeting in there meaning the people I target my ads are relevant by geography and perhaps even by topic. Paying $10,000 could get you a huge amount of new people following you. It’s nearly impossible to engage with that amount of new people personally but if you were a brand and they followed you and you followed that up with good strong engaging content that was retweeted and shared that could be like marketing gold. Some brands have been on Twitter for years and have thousands of followers but some haven’t even started yet so this new ad tool could help them get to the races very quickly indeed.

There are some rumors in Turkey, that some famous pop stars pay for more twitter followers. With the digital age, people changed  their beahviors  when they consume media, socialize and mobilize. Passive consumer has transformed into active influencer, thats why companies changed and shifted their media consumption from traditional media to digital media. Now, singer not only compete how many bands they sold so far, they also become a part of competiton of social medias. The more followers, fans they have, they view theirself the more adorable and superstar. Is it a balloon, what if they will unlike or unfollow their ‘superstars’ one day.





Do I Have to Know How To Code ?

 It seems learning to code has become a theme in 2012, and the demand is being met    by Code Year and others. I want to reflect on my experience as a non-technical  person we should stick  what we are  good at, and not waste time learning to code.

So, should people who can’t write code do a startup? This is  tricky. I dont want to discourage people but from my personal expereinces it doesnt seem quite easy for non tech guys, including me 🙁  The process of iteration is far easier if you, the person with the idea, can actually code it and that’s what ultimately makes a startup turn into a successful business: iterating to get to product/market fit.


Running a business is a repeatable skill; if you’ve done one well, you should be able to do another well. But a startup isn’t a business, yet; it’s an idea which may or may not work, and all the traditional business skills you’ve got don’t count. The problem with non-technical founders is that they don’t know what they don’t know, until they’re in way too deep.

I know many people who were inspired after they watched ‘ The Social Network’. The Social Network is a great movie, and for many people quite inspiring as it tells the exciting story of how Mark Zuckerberg built it when he started at the age of 19 in his Harvard dorm room. But when you watch the film please remember that Mark Zuckerberg is both an exceptional individual, and a very skilled computer scientist. But it wasn’t his idea; it was the Winklevii, those famous programmers Olympic athletes. That’s why everyone says execution is everything, not the idea itself.

Team Coco To Go

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The End of Wall Street As They Knew It

After surprisingly successful financial reform, public vilification, and politics that have turned against them, the Masters of the Universe are masters no longer.

On Wall Street, bonus season is a sacred ritual. It is the annual rite where net worth and self-worth get elegantly reduced to a single number. During the 25-year boom that abruptly ended in 2008, the only principle that really mattered come bonus time was how you ranked against the guys to your right and left. The system was governed by a kind of atavistic justice: You eat what you kill. From the outside, the seven- and eight-figure payouts that star bankers earned could seem obscene, immoral even. But on the inside, the outlandish compensation reflected a strict, almost moral logic. “Wall Street is a meritocracy, for the most part,” as a senior Citigroup executive put it to me recently. “If someone has a bonus, it’s because they created value for their institution.” The sanctity of the bonus was built on the idea that Wall Street pay was simply the natural order of capitalism.

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Company makes jeans with keyboard built in to fabric



A Dutch company has developed a pair of high-tech trousers equipped with a wireless rubber keyboard stitched over the groin for those who need to dash out a line of code on the go.

 “The idea was that you could log in to your computer and control it without sitting in a closed environment behind your desk,” designer Erik de Nijs told the Daily Mail.

 The digital dungarees also sport a wireless mouse in the back pocket and a pair of speakers sewn into the thighs.

 The company that came up with the idea, Nieuwue Heren, run by de Nijs and his partner Tim Smit, have aptly called their jeans, “Beauty and the Geek.”

 The fledging company has only developed a prototype, but estimates the iPants would cost around $400 in stores.

Facebook's Top Cop: Joe Sullivan

If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest in the world  after China and India , and Joe Sullivan would be head of Homeland Security. According to the analysis Facebook will reach up to 1 billion users within this summer.

His actual title is chief security officer. The “terrorists” he’s up against include the “Koobface gang,” a quintet of Russians who unleashed a worm that turned ­Facebookers’ computers into enslaved bots; the spammers who flooded the site with violent and pornographic images in December; scammers who trick Facebook users into clicking links and filling out surveys for the swindlers’ profit; pedophiles using the site to make contact with minors; and scrapers who inappropriately raid Facebook for users’ valuable personal information. These scoundrels include those who use malicious apps, hackers and an amateur porn purveyor who matches profile pages to private nudie photos submitted by vengeful exes—making it easy to contact, harass and “poke” the unwitting and involuntary porn stars.

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How Googley Is Yandex Anyway?

The Russian search company has just announced a collaboration with Twitter. Here’s how they’re becoming more like Google–and also how they also zag with every Google zig.

Yandex and Twitter just announced a collaboration that would give the Russian search company access to Twitter’s fire hose of real-time updates, news, and events.  Yandex was growing “Google-style,” sprouting add-ons and apps month on month. Yandex now has a video search service, a photo hosting site, and an advertising analysis tool. It runs primarily on advertising money. Recently it added an online payments system ( Sound like anyone we know?

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